edward dede


On a sinking ship, three men play for the one remaining lifejacket in a twisted game of Buckaroo.

A dark, comedy thriller starring David Schaal (The Office, The Inbetweeners), Nicky Evans (Shameless, Emmerdale) and Geoff Breton (Narcopolis, Diary of Anne Frank).


David Schaal, Nicky Evans, Geoff Breton


Writer and Director: James Kermack

Producers:  Edward Dede, Nat Downs, James Kermack

Director Of Photography: Aaron Rogers

Music: Alexander Zenon Melkis

Production Designer Jess Elcock

Editor: Raul Sacristan

Associate Producer: Monika Chowdhary Kuczynski

Production Company: Veni Vidi Film and Sonder Films

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