edward dede


Marcellas, an unlucky in love man is having an early mid-life crisis.

His luck goes from bad to worse after a mysterious giant cloud wipes out most of human civilisation leaving him deserted in a peopleless world.

Alone, he retreats into the wilderness for solace and appears to be the only human left until he finds Keyla.

Starring Kes Baxter Dusky Paradise (Kimotion Pictures) Guy’s Guys (Blackframe) and Emma Connell A Royal Night Out, (Ecosse Films) Late Shift, (Pulse Films).

VENI VIDI Film in association with Peacock Films


Kes Baxter, Emma Connell


Director: Paolo De Battista

Producers: Edward Dede, Nat Downs

Writers: Paolo De Battista, Nadine Nonn

1st Assistant Director: Emma Wilkinson

Director Of Photography: Sebastian Benalcazar

Music: Benjamin Hall

Production Designer: Alexis Marie Sera

Editor: Oliver Walton

Associate Producer: Sebastian Benalcazar

Sound Design: Diego Benalcazar

Visual Effects Artist: Alessandro Neri

Production Company: Veni Vidi Film in Association with Peacock Films 

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